Jean Ip Foundation 葉尚志基金會

Charitable Registration No.
77150 -9718 -RR0001

Program & Services

Organizations we have supported in the past

  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • BC Epilepsy Society
  • Canadian Bible Society
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canadian International Education Assistance Foundation
  • Canadian Liver Foundation
  • Fighting Blindness Canada
  • UBC & Vancouver General Hospital Foundation
  • World Vision

Organizations we have supported in 2019

  • CNIB Foundation 
  • Fighting Blindness Canada
  • Richmond Hospital Foundation 
  • Richmond Food Bank Society 
  • Canadian International Education Assistance Foundation 
  • Vancouver Oratorio Society

Scholarship we have sponsored

  • University of British Columbia - Golden Leaf Scholarship in Music
  • University of Victoria - Scholarship in Pacific and Asian Studies
  • University of Victoria Endowment Fund
  • University of Minnesota Foundation, IP MBA Fellowship
  • University of Minnesota Foundation, Po Ting Ip Family China Executive MBA Fellowship
  • Uniniversity of Minnesota Foundation, China Executive MBA (CHEMBA) Program
  • University of Minnesota Foundation, Jean Sheung-Chi Ip Fellowship in English
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
  • Lingnan University, IMBA Program

Other Donation and Gifts

In addition to support we have given to organizations and specific programs, Jean Ip and the Ip Family have also fully-funded the construction and development of the following infrastructure projects:

  • Lee Wai Chuen Building, Professors and graduate students’ residence at Lingnan University.
  • Ip Po Ting MBA building, at Lingnan University.
  • Baan Mae Ramoeng School, Thailand. Student dormitory.